I made a my own recipe of “Gohei Mochi”.

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I made a my own recipe of “Gohei Mochi”.






Generally, sake, mirin, and red miso are used as seasonings.

But in foreign countries, is it easy to get red miso? How about mirin?

If you prepare a seasoning that you don’t normally use, you may leave it on the kitchen shelf afterwards.

I definitely want to avoid that situation.

I want to use the most common seasonings as much as possible.

I adjusted the recipe using seasonings that can be reused.






My next issue is about cooking utensils available.

Next, I’m worried about cooking utensils.

I want to grind sesame seeds and walnuts. Do you have a mortar?

Do you have a Surikogi (shaving tree)?






A modern food processor may be easier.

Make it as simple as possible.


However, I think that you will enjoy cooking.

Gohei Mochi is shaped using disposable chopsticks.






You may not be able to get disposable chopsticks so  I also considered how to make Gohei Mochi when there are no disposable chopsticks available.






For the sauce of Gohei Mochi, I thought of a walnut version and a soy sauce version.






If this is the case, it can be applied to other dishes as well.

This is my dinner after the trial.






The menu structure is completely mismatched.

Moreover, the alcohol in the evening drink is wine.

The food and alcohol don’t match.

 But that can’t be helped.

As long as it tastes good, that’s fine.

 If the kitchen becomes fun, the family will surely be happy!






Cooking connects the world!!

Take a big bite and crack a wide smile!

See you in the kitchen!


Thank you for reading.