Do you know sake lees? ”Sake Kasu” in Japanese

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Do you know sake lees? ”Sake Kasu” in Japanese

Do you know sake lees?
Sake is made from rice.





Sake is squeezed through various procedures.
The remaining residue is “Sake lees”.
It is on sale at this time.






It is a nutritious food that is good for the skin and has increased metabolism and immunity.
How about such food?

The other day I went to a sake brewery for shopping.
Sake lees that looked delicious were sold there.
I bought it right away and tried to make Amazake.

Although it is squeezed, it dissolves slowly, so add hot water and let it rest for a while.
It is a fresh and fluffy sake lees.






When it’s loosened, add sugar and a little salt.






I use millet sugar, so it turns a little brown.
Bring to a boil for about 10 minutes.






As lye also comes out, take it diligently.
I made it with 1kg of sake lees, so I made a lot of it.






Half was put in a zip lock and stored frozen.

When drinking, add about 30% of water to warm it.
Milk seems to be good instead of water.

Amazake is made to be strong, so it can be used for various dishes.
If you soak the meat, it will become tender.
If you pickle fish, it will be pickled in kasuzuke.
Try various.

However, since it is amazake made from sake lees, you must drink it at dinner.
Because it contains alcohol.

In this way, sake is made and even the remaining residue is devised.
The wisdom of our ancestors is wonderful.

This is also a wonderful Japanese food culture that I would like to convey to foreigners.






Amazake and apples are the strongest foods.

Cooking connects the world!!

Take a big bite and crack a wide smile!

See you in the kitchen!


Thank you for reading.